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Challenging the status quo of rehabilitation

We're on a mission

At Enlighten Mobility, our mission is to challenge the status quo of rehabilitation. Enlighten Mobility is a medical device company that is passionate about giving the opportunity of recovery to all who suffer from amputations, strokes, and brain and spine injuries. Our first product, the Enlight Gait Trainer, will allow lower limb amputees to take their first steps beginning days after their operations.

We believe that the current medical system leaves this population unserved and overlooked, and our device gives the empowerment and independence they need to begin the healing process. Through accompaniment, our team has learned from and alongside some of the bravest and most vulnerable. We are taking steps forward and growing stronger together. We are hopeful that our specialized rehabilitation technology will catalyze patient empowerment, teach individuals to walk again and provide a health trajectory not otherwise possible.

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